Our Promise to You:

To Reduce Stress, Costly Breakdowns and to Help Save You Money, We will:

  • Book your next Appointment tailored to fit Your Schedule
  • Perform Safety Inspections on Your Vehicle Each Time We Service It
  • Never proceed with any Auto Repair or Maintenance Work without Your Authorization
  • Never present an invoice that was larger than the most Current Estimate
  • Advise You of all Manufacturer Recommended Services for Your Vehicle
  • Provide New Vehicle Warranty Inspections and Online Search for Manufacturer’s Recalls
  • Provide Highly Skilled Diagnostic Technicians to Accurately Solve Any Problem
  • Source and Provide Quality Parts Considering Price and Availability
  • Provide Competitive Warranties for All of our Parts and Labour

Through these principles and practises we will continue to provide all of our Customers with High Quality Mechanical Repair Services to enhance the Safety and Driveability of their Vehicles.