March 21, 2014


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An automotive computer diagnostic system can pinpoint a problem in minutes or hours, rather than days. The resulting labor bill will be hugely different between auto repair shops if one has the technology and the other doesn’t. A car can show many, many symptoms to a problem, and often the way it is fixed without computer diagnostics is by fixing one symptom at a time to see if it solves the problem. The process of elimination can be time consuming and costly with all the different fixes.

An automotive computer diagnostic system is very expensive and takes a well trained and certified auto technician to properly use one. This is why many local auto repair shops don’t have this technology. If your auto repair shop does not have a good auto diagnostic system or they aren’t well qualified to operate and troubleshoot with it, quickly run to a repair shop Crompton Brothers that has and can.

Automotive Computer Diagnostics are Accurate
The whole idea of the diagnostics system is to quickly and efficiently isolate the real problem a car is experiencing. The system can pinpoint just where the problem is located after eliminating all the other problem codes. The ability to go through all these symptoms and pinpoint the problem is huge. For one, the real problem will be fixed so repeat trips to the auto repair shop are not needed. And as importantly, your pocket book is protected from unnecessary spending, and you can safely and confidently drive your car without fear of a breakdown. Peace of mind is priceless!

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