February 26, 2014


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For people who don’t know a lot about cars, it might be hard to determine when it is time to get things checked or changed. The sticker on the windshield lets you know when it is time to get an oil change, but there aren’t usually stickers for other things, such as tire rotation, tire replacement, fluid flushes and so on.

How can you find out?
Have you noticed a bit of vibration when you go down the road lately? That vibration might mean you need the tires to get balanced or it might mean you need to replace all four of your tires. Tires come with a certain mileage life on them and if you don’t know what it is, then you might not have realized when you passed it. It is also best to check all of your tires each time before you get in your car.

The number on the side of the tire tells you how many miles your tire is expected to last, but if you don’t know at what point on the odometer they were installed, then you might not have any clue as to how many miles are on those tires. When you don’t know how many miles are on a set of tires, then you have to eyeball it.

A certified technician can look at the tires and see where they are wore down and how much tread they have left on them. If they are low on tread or even showing bald spots, then you need to get new tires right away. Tires that have little or no tread are not safe to drive because they won’t have any traction on the tires. In the rain or snow, that could make you have an accident even sooner.

Replacing tires should be done with all four at the same time. That way, you know exactly how many miles are on what tire, because they are all the same. The tires can be rotated evenly over the next months and the wear can be made more even on the tire. Spending money on all four tires when the tread is starting to wear rather than waiting until it is a lot lower or you find yourself in an accident.

There are many different tires to choose from, so you can find a set that fits in to your budget. The tires will have different tread levels and different mileage guarantees on them as well.

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