Maintenance Services

Oil and filter changes
Air filter replacement

Tire pressures

Tire rotations

Tire balancing

Fluid top offs

Brake checks

Coolant fluid level and condition checks

Transmission fluid and condition checks

Brake fluid level and condition checks

Manufacture Vs Repair Center Maintenance Guides

It may or may not come as a surprise to you, but manufacture and dealership service schedules are not always the same. If you read your owner’s manual, you are reading the service schedule set by the designers and engineers that are responsible for building the car. The dealership’s recommended schedule does not always match the manufacture’s, even though they carry the same brand name.
You will find many similarities between the two, but you may also find that your local shops and dealerships have more extensive care schedules. As a rule of thumb, you want to focus on the manufacture’s schedule that is provided for you in your owner’s manual. If you do not have the owner’s manual anymore, you can often purchase a new copy of it online. You will likely spend more money if you only follow the dealership’s recommended services. Local shops and independent repair centers are less likely to be as aggressive as your local dealership service centers.

Tips and Tricks

New vehicles tend to be driven longer between services. This is because everything should be working perfectly, and nothing should be worn down yet. However, to keep your car working better for longer, you need to preserve it in the condition that it is in. This means oil changes, fluid top offs, tire servicing, and keeping it protected are all important at this time.
If you take care of the engine lubrication, you prevent engine wear. If you keep up with tire wear and pressures, you prevent excess wear to the suspension. If you keep the air filters clean and use high quality filters, you keep your engine cleaner and running more efficiently. Although you may not have to worry about some aspects of maintenance early on, you do want to focus on certain areas that will have direct effects on the vehicle in the long run. Book your appointment online today!

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