Mechanical Wear

Wheels that are not pointed forward, angled correctly, and secured properly have a tendency to put stress on the components around them. After many miles, this stress can start to twist and wear suspension parts extenuating the issues even further. We can adjust and compensate for that wear however, and we do so with an alignment. If a component is too far out of spec, then it will have to be replaced before an alignment can be done.

Tire Wear

The first place you may notice an issue with your suspension is on your tires. A poor alignment often shows itself in the form of distinctive tire tread wear patterns. This is not only bad for your tires, but it is bad for your engine, and it costs you more in fuel. A tire out of alignment will not roll properly, and it will end up dragging and causing more resistance. This will be almost unnoticeable to the human eye, but its effects over time will be visible. A trained eye can see the tread wear, identify what causes it, and let you know what needs to happen in order to correct it.


Vibrations, shaking, pulling to one side, and other motions that you can feel are a sign that something is wrong. When it comes to suspension and steering, problems only get worse when they are avoided. Keep track of any new noises, shaking, or sounds that may occur. This is particularly true when it comes to highway driving. The same is also true for engine performance. If the tires are causing extra resistance, then your engine is going to have to work harder. You will spend more on fuel to move the vehicle, and you will spend more money on oil changes.
Your vehicle will wear down over time, and that wear often needs to be accommodated for. If there are any components that need to be replaced, this must be done first. You can only align so much, and you have to have a suspension system that is in good condition to begin with. Once your vehicle is functional, it can be adjusted for optimal performance. Only trust a suspension expert when it comes to your vehicle and getting an alignment. Also consider supportive maintenance like tire balancing and tire pressure check at this time as well.

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