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Getting a tune-up done on your car can be considered part of normal maintenance. Essentially, a tune-up is a term used to describe this regular maintenance when it is done all at once. It typically starts with an inspection, so that a technician knows what the vehicle needs. There are some basic components that the trained eye knows to look at, as well as an overall inspection looking for signs of any issues.

What Does A Tune-Up Include?

A vehicle tune-up will vary depending on where you take the vehicle and what you drive. The price of a tune-up will also vary depending on what needs to be done, and what you choose to have them do. The benefit of a tune-up is that it generally comes with a rather detailed vehicle inspection that tells you if there are any indications of a problem. A properly trained technician will also be able to tell you if there is a probability of a problem in the near future. A tune-up may include:

· Oil and oil filter change · Engine air filter change · Change cabin air filter
· Air intake inspection · Spark plug inspection · Spark plug change
· Fuel system inspection · Tire pressure inspection and fill up · Tire wear inspection
· Inspection & adjustment to timing if needed · Check and top off the coolant · Check and top off transmission fluid
· Check brake fluid level · Check brake pad lifespan · Check battery condition and performance
· Scan for diagnostic codes · Check engine vacuum

Why Get an Engine Tune-Up?

A tune-up is geared towards optimizing the vehicle. It is a good idea to have a tune-up performed twice a year, and before you head out for any kind of road trip or long adventure. The goal is to have the vehicle running like new, or as close to new as possible. When these components are cleaned and inspected regularly, problems with the engine are much less likely. When the engine is running at its best wear is reduced, efficiency is optimized, and your vehicle lasts longer.

Again, what exactly your tune-up entails will depend on what you drive, how old the vehicle is, and where you take the vehicle to have the tune-up performed. The more intensive a tune-up is, the most expensive it will likely be. However, the more often you maintain the vehicle, the less you will spend on repairs in the long run. Regular maintenance is much cheaper than letting all of your car’s issues pile up.


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